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Activties fir school groups in auckland and queenstown, team bonding history and puzzle solving

Escape Quest is a brilliant way to spend quality, fun time with your friends or family. Race, solve, laugh and escape triumphant! Escape Quest is loved by all ages and generations. Both bonding and competitive, Escape Quest will have everyone talking and laughing about their experience hours afterwards. Whilst racing another team and/ or the clock can get intense at times, it does not require physical fitness or strength and there is no horror or terror, so it’s brilliant fun and inclusive for everyone - all ages, physical abilities and interests. 

The recommended minimum age for our Escape Rooms is 7 years. Every team receives a fully facilitated and tailored game experience from our awesome, well trained staff. 

Play in teams of 2-6 people at our Escape Rooms or in teams of 2 - 6 at our VR Escape Room. 

You can count on Escape Quest for fun with your friends and family, being an all weather activity, it’s never cancelled.

Release your inner detective and book your escape experience here or contact us below if you have any special requests eg. surprise party, engagement .

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Experience length: we recommend allowing 1.5 hours in total per game/ session. There is a short briefing before the approx 1 hour escape experience followed by Victorian dress up or VR avatar team photos afterwards (included in price)

Dress up photos: taken after your escape, 1860s, Victorian dress up or VR avatar group photos are a fun way to remember your party and are included in the price

All weather activity: Escape Quest is an indoor activity and is not weather dependent

Booking: book online here or contact us below 

To bring if required: reading glasses (contact lenses preferable for VR), water bottle

Please note: no phones or cameras/ recording devices are allowed in the Escape Rooms. Photos can be taken outside the rooms in Escape Quest’s lounge area

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“Brilliant escape room - the theme of our room - the gold room- worked really well for queenstown and the puzzles were a good mix of difficult and easy to keep us engaged. Great value activity get a buzz in queenstown without the extreme sports! Also a chance to dress up!.”

Tripadvisor holcov May 2017

“Lots of fuin - my girlfriend and i went to the murder at the prince of wales hotel 2, which we were told was one of the newer rooms there. Leo was our host and he was an absolute legend. He explained everything in detail and gave us a bit of a background to the story of the prince of wales hotel. The room itself wasn’t the easiest to escape, but we managed to complete it before time ran out. Overall it was a great experience, we had a blast and we’d definitely do it again! Cheers to you, escape quest!.”

Tripadvisor Vinny the Guy November 2019

“Very entertaning - this is so much fun! And love the fact that it is based on real events and characters from history in the area. Highly recommended.”

Tripadvisor Paul R Jan 2021

“Cool experience - we really enjoyed the escape room, chose the "murder in the prince of wales hotel" and thought it was great, it was based on a real story with real thieves from the 1800s which just added to the experience. Clues not massively complicated but difficult enough to get your brain working!”

Tripadvisor Anna H Nov 2020
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