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Step into New Zealand's 1860 and 70s gold rush, crack the codes, solve the puzzles and try to escape in time!

Based on real crimes, places and people, choose between our 3 Missions. Our games are immersive with integrated technology and mechanics, authentic handcrafted props and richly themed rooms.

Capture your unforgettable escape – get a free green screen photo with every thrilling Escape Room experience!

Team of 2 $90 | Team of 3 $135 | Team of 4 $160 | Team of 5 $195
Team of 6 $228 ​| Team of 7 $266 | Team of 8 $304

$42 Discount for a group of 6 Player

2 - 8 players per room | Allow: 1.5 hours

Gangster's Gambit V2-2.jpg
Gangster's Gambit - The Great Gold Escape

Gold rush bandits are sticking up the Coromandel town pub! Stripped of your gold and belongings, you're locked up in the pub's cellar. Using nothing but your wits, escape the cellar, and retrieve your stolen gold before the time is up!

The bandits are notorious for their cunning and ruthlessness, and you know that escaping from their grasp will not be easy. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, you must rely on your instincts and intelligence to outsmart the bandits and make your escape.

(Gangster's Gambit was formerly known as 'Stick Up In The Pub')

  • Integrated Technology* = High

  • Integrated Mechanics* = High

  • Degree of Difficulty = Moderate


Based on a real Central Otago gold robbery!  Gold Heist is set back in the 1860s gold rush in a bustling gold mining town called Queenstown.  The biggest gold heist ever in the region has just happened. The gold bank’s vault is empty!

It’s your job as an elite team of detectives to time travel back to Queenstown 1860s to unravel the secrets of the Gold Bank, discover who stole the gold, transmit this information to the authorities and escape the room!

We have two identical Gold Heist in the Gold Rush rooms so this is the ideal game for a group wanting to race head to head in two teams.

  • Integrated Technology* = Moderate/High

  • Integrated Mechanics* = High

  • Degree of Difficulty = Moderate

Real life escape room 'Gold Heist in the Gold Rush' Auckland, New Zealand
Murder in thames - Esacpe Room in Takapuna, Auckland

Based on a real gold rush murder! O’Brien, shopkeeper and unofficial banker in a small Old Man Range mining community, has been murdered. In addition to selling tools and food supplies, O’Brien’s store offered to buy Miners’ gold as there was no bank in town. O’Brien was skeptical of banks and preferred to hide his money rather than bank it. Now O’Brien is dead and his hidden wealth can’t be found. As an elite team of time travelling detectives, it’s your mission to enter O’Brien’s 1860s shop, unravel his secrets and discover who the guilty suspect is!

  • Integrated Technology* = High

  • Integrated Mechanics* = High

  • Degree of Difficulty = High


“Brilliant! Highly recommend queenstown escape room. Just brilliant. Went with our adult daughters, lots of laughter. We will be back to do other rooms soon!.”

Tripadvisor, P Dore Feb 2021

“Great escape rooms! Amazing experience
well designed rooms. Fantastic customer service. Hope to make it back for a second game before we leave town.”

Tripadvisor, Emily J Feb 2021

“Best escape room in nz - amazing experience. Escape quest was a cut above all of the other escape rooms i’ve done, especially those in auckland. It was tough, but fair with lots of quirky puzzles to solve. The staff were also great with the staff member that helped us explaining the instructions again in french for my partners father. Would love to visit again.”

Tripadvisor, Ssjroneel July 2019

“Wow what a rush: awesome experience one of the best escape rooms we’ve done. A great family experience with our 2 teenagers. A real challenge and smart clues. We did manage to escape ( thanks to a clue :-) ).”

Tripadvisor, SongofaTui Jan 2021


These games were all built from scratch by our talented creative team, who have used technology in clever ways to make your game experience more enjoyable! Whilst our themes remain true to Queenstown in the 1860s, beneath the surface the design is much more 21st century which we hope adds an extra level of fun and mystery to the experience!


Each game here at Escape Quest has its own unique narrative, along with its own order of play for a successful escape. We don’t want to give too much away, but appearances aren’t everything and some objects and features of the room may not always be what they seem. We want this experience to be both visually and mentally stimulating so in some cases, discovering or accessing a puzzle could be just as engaging as trying to solve it!

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