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The social interaction of a board game, excitement of a games console with the thrilling challenge of an escape room!


Find the gold before the bandits do!

A gold escort has disappeared whilst travelling to a secret location for a gold pick up.

Is it lost in the gold fields surrounding Queenstown? Or has it been held up by bandits?

Using only your wit and clues left behind by the gold escort driver, rescue the missing gold escort and get the gold to the gold bank.

But be quick, bandits are everywhere in this beautiful but lawless frontier.

  • Difficulty Level: Advanced

  • Internet access & printer required to escape

  • Flat rate per game. No limit on team size!

  • Pressing the buy now button will forward you to our Secret & Secure game server for Detective verification and payment:

Play at home Escape Game called Mission Gold Escort with AR
Plat At Home Escape for remote team building and game nights
Hybrid online/offline game play


Start your mission and step back in time! Our play at home Escape Room games have been developed in Queenstown, NZ by the same team who created Escape Quest in 2014. Similar to our Escape Rooms, we have created games that use real people and locations from 19th century Gold Rushes!

Award winning play at home game developed in new zealand
Hybrid online/offline
  • Print, Play and Escape at home! Play in your home or across households via Zoom.

  • Hybrid online/offline games – genuinely social and less screen time!​

  • Perfect for a fun night in with family or friends.

  • Great team building experience (Zoom across offices/ home offices!)

  • ​Clues are available throughout the game to keep you progressing at your own pace.

  • Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  • Buy now, play later. No game expiry

  • Designed for Laptop/iPad sized screens


  1. Print the Mission Dossier PDF.

  2. Follow the Mission Dossier PDF instructions to cut out the puzzles. Allow 15-30 minutes to print and cut your Mission Dossier PDF before starting your mission.

  3. Bring your team of detectives together (physically or via Zoom). Each mission can accommodate as many people as you like but we suggest a printed Mission Dossier PDF per 4 people. Multiple teams of 4 can then work together or compete!

  4. Hit the “start” button online via your secret link.

  5. Using both the printed Mission Dossier PDF and the online game system, solve the puzzles and enter the correct codes. Allow 1.5-3 hours of game time to complete your mission.

  6. Escape!

Play at home escape game printed out googd for team building and game nights


"Empire escape" was a wonderful experience with its ar application and sense of historical intrigue.

Escape The Roomer, October 2021

I wasn’t sure exactly how this could work. I mean, there’s no qr code or barcode, so i had a lot of disbelief as i loaded up the app and held it carefully over my sheet of paper but wow… it just…. Works! Wow!

The Escape Roomer, October 2021

“Oh my god your online gold rush escape quest was so much fun! 6 people over 3 households throughout nsw and we had the best time! It was really hard at points, we had to use a few clues but we got there in the end. Thank you!!””

Customer Review, August 2021

“We played with a team of 4, took us 1.5hrs and we loved it! The difficulty level was perfect and the technology amazing! Highly recommended!”

Google Review, October 2021

“Use the clues provided and your intellect to find the gold before the bandits do!”

New Zealand Herald, August 2021

“What a great night our family had in 3 locations across nz playing your escape game. It was more challenging than anticipated and we were grateful for the clue button . 2 hours 16 mins of fun was had by all 5 .”

Customer Review, August 2021

“Wow! So much detail! Missing gold escort was a joy to play…the print + assemble aspect of this game was outstanding. I’ve played a lot of printable escape rooms and this one is one of the best.”

The Escape Roomer, March 2021

“Despite being a million miles away in london, uk, i felt *there*. Escape quest have absolutely nailed it!”

The Escape Roomer, March 2021
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