What makes an amazing escape experience today?

Escape games have exploded in popularity and this has led to massive growth in the opening of escape games all over the world. However, this sudden growth has led to a huge range in the quality of escape experiences. Some are brilliant and some are less so. In addition to this, the market has quickly evolved over the last few years. The first generation of escape games were largely paper based clues and padlocks to open doors, drawers and boxes. Now escape games are becoming significantly more sophisticated with electronic puzzles, automated mechanisms and authentic, rich storylines and theming.


So, what makes an amazing escape experience today?


Strong, compelling narrative


Who doesn’t want to be the hero of their own story? Escape games offer the experience to step into a movie-like environment, overcome challenges, work with your buddies and emerge the hero having secured the mission. Whilst the primary mission is to escape within 60 minutes, it’s so much more fun if you find yourself in the midst of a great storyline. At Escape Quest our game stories are based on Queenstown’s gold rush of the early 1860’s. Our games are based on real gold rush crimes, people and places. The Prince of Wales was a Queenstown hotel in the 1860s in the exact spot where Escape Quest is today. Gold Heist in the Gold Bank is based on the biggest gold robbery that occurred in Otago’s gold rush history. Many of our characters are also based on real people.

For example, Henry Garrett was the leader of a real gang of bandits in the 1860s and features as a leading character in Murder of the Prince of Wales 2. He was tall, athletic, charismatic, clever and in different circumstances may have been a leader among honest men.  Read More about Henry and the Gang here.


Authentic props, objects and theming


For a truly believable escape experience, authenticity of the room surrounds is key. At Escape Quest we use handcrafted, bespoke props and objects that belong to the 1860s gold rush era. The walls and furnishings are also intricate and rich. The room is designed to take you back in time and experience a pioneering, gold rush journey. When you step into the Prince of Wales Hotel it will feel like an 1860’s room. It has the old furniture, the elaborate wallpaper and velvet curtains. What you don’t see (yet) is how it will unfold to reveal its secrets. It may look like an authentic but straight forward 19th century room, but it’s going to surprise you!



Immersive puzzles that are integrated into the room and storyline


At the heart of any good escape game are great, interesting puzzles. The puzzles should make you forget the outside world and leave you completely immersed in the moment. You should be challenged by a puzzle but also achieve plenty of wins because winning is just so much fun! Escape Quest has evolved considerably since it opened 3 years ago, but awesome and relevant puzzles have been a core part of our games since the beginning. Our puzzles are integrated into the storyline so that you can become engrossed in your mission and are not just completing a series of random puzzles.



Surprising and fun mechanics and technology


Escape Quest designs and builds its own integrated, bespoke rooms. Everything is designed to be interactive and surprise. From the walls to the furniture to small objects. The room will unfold before you throughout the 60 minutes in ways you’d never expect when you first enter. Technology is now a big part of leading escape experiences. Escape Quest uses technology in unexpected ways to maintain the integrity of its 1860’s theming. A piano or chest may look old but may also work in some awesome ways with great, unseen technology powering it. Whilst all our games utilise technology, if you love lots of technology in an escape room, check out Murder in the Prince of Wales 2 and Murder in the Old Man Range. These 2 games are primarily driven by technology.

So that’s what makes Escape Quest one of the best escape experiences you can have today! We don’t know how it will keep evolving in the future, but rest assured, Escape Quest will keep developing our games to ensure our customers have the most fun possible.