So What Does It Take To Deliver An Amazing Escape Room?

In our last blog post we discussed the core elements that make up an amazing escape room. Today we thought we’d discuss what it takes to deliver it! When you play an Escape Quest room you step back in time to Queenstown’s 1860s gold rush. Queenstown and the surrounding area had only been first settled by Europeans just a couple of years before the gold rush. It was a pioneering age of adventure and fortune in a spectacular new country.


At Escape Quest you become the adventurer and hero of your own gold rush story. To capture that pioneering spirit Escape Quest sources and develops handcrafted props, genuinely old objects and antiques for its games. These are then integrated with electronics and other technology to create an awesome, immersive escape without leaving the West World-like gold rush frontier.


Escape Quest also sources new materials and props for its escape rooms that look authentic to the period such as Victorian inspired wallpaper, timber walls, velvet curtains and replica antiques.


Finally, Escape Quest uses brilliant graphic design to bring depth and authenticity to the look and feel of the puzzles.


Technology, furniture, décor and puzzles are all integrated so that it looks like an authentic gold rush room but is full of secrets waiting for the heroes to discover.


What’s involved in putting all this together? For a start, a new game at Escape Quest takes months to develop and costs upwards of $30,000. That doesn’t include initial costs of building and decorating the room. That’s just for the elements of the new game: electronics, props and design specific to the new escape adventure. A puzzle that may take 10 minutes to solve may have taken weeks to create.


There’s also all the research and time that goes into the narrative and game design. Escape Quest’s games are based on real people, events and places of the Queenstown gold rush. It’s lucky we’re so passionate about Queenstown’s adventurous frontier history as we’ve had to become experts! We’ll be writing more about the murders, robberies and incredible people of the gold rush soon. Stay tuned!